Най-яките мацки в Instagram част – 134

В instagram са най-яките  мацки – актриси, спортистки и модели. Много от тях са невероятно хубави и нямат търпение да ни покажат колко секси тела имат…

Good morning guys xx I love that I have realized that strength & health > skinny. I strived for 2 years of my life to be thin and have bones show and obsessively counted calories and it led me down a path of destruction, health repercussions, and self loathing. I didn't treat my body w/ care because my end goal wasn't health, but it was to have a frame of a "NY Real Model", which is not how I am naturally built. But overcoming anorexia, I want to show that living a healthy lifestyle and embracing who God made us to be is most important. We are all His unique creation so why not embrace that? Work hard, eat clean, have cheat days for sanity, and strive to be the best version of yourself everyday! ??❤ Grateful for #whole30 for making me feel the best I ever have. Today I'm celebrating HEALTH IS WEALTH WEDNESDAY! ?

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I got you babe

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#TBT & #BTS ☀️?

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I need random & spontaneous road trip!!!! Who's coming & where would you wanna go? @studio977?

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This Nude Bodycon dress with Bandage waist from @axparis is my new fave! ?❤️ #AxParis

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My vibes…?? #MAVRIN #MAVRINmodels #SilviaCaruso #Maldives

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Don't worry girls if your thighs touch you are one step closer to becoming a mermaid. ??

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